Farmer Training Programme on Commercial Poultry Farming at PGIVAS, Akola

Five days state level online farmers’ training programme on “Commercial Poultry Farming” was organized by Department of Poultry Science, PGIVAS, Akola during 17th to 21st November, 2020. The training programme was inaugurated by Dr. Sharad Bharsakle, Hon’ble Member-Extension Council, MAFSU, Nagpur under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. A. U. Bhikane, Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola. Total 76 trainees participated in programme. Various experts guided trainees on different aspects of commercial poultry farming. The training was coordinated by Dr. M. R. Wade and Dr. S. J. Manwar, Dr. G. J. Panchbhai, Dr. D. M .Badukale worked as Co-cordinator of training programme.