The department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology was started in the year 1970 at Akola under Post Graduate Institute, Dr.PDKV, Akola as one of the faculty of Veterinary Science. Consequent upon the establishment of MAFSU, Nagpur in the year 2000, this department has emerged under independent Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Akola. This department has an intake capacity of 4 M.V.Sc. and 2 Ph.D. degree programme annually


Faculty – Surgery Department


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DesignationAssociate Professor and I/c Professor and Head
QualificationPh. D.
Date Of Birth
Contact Details(O) 0724-2258643, Mob.: 09011088825
AddressPost Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, AKOLA (M.S.) India. Pin 444 104
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NameDr. Ratnakar Vasantrao Raulkar
DesignationAssistant Professor Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
QualificationM.V.Sc., NET 1997
Date Of Birth14.11.1966
Contact Details(O) 0724-2258643, Mob.: 9604095855,
AddressPost Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, AKOLA (M.S.) India. Pin 444 104

Research work of post graduate students of Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology.

S. N.YearName of StudentsName of GuideTitle of Research Topic
11975S. V. PandeDr. P.E. KulkarniVarious Surgical Teat Affections of Cows, She buffaloes and She goats (A Clinical And Experimental Study.
21976M.I. SirajiDr. P.E. KulkarniStudy on the accentuatining effect of different levels of ethyl alcohol, procaine and lignocaine hydrochloride in epidural anesthesia
31976S.N.PatilDr. P.E. KulkarniPartial castration of male calf (comparative study of various surgical treatment)
41977M.A. KhanDr. P.E. KulkarniDisbudding of Cow Calves (Comparative Study Of Various Surgical techniques)
51977A.S.DeshpandeDr. P.E. KulkarniExperimental peritonitis in dogs calf (Clinical, clinicopathological study)
61977S.M.LokhandeDr. P.E. KulkarniIntestinal anastomosis in buffalo calf (Clinical, clinicopathological and histopathological study)
71978P.C. ZambreDr. P.E. KulkarniExperimental Autogeneous And Homogenous Penetrating Corneal Transplantation In Bovine.
81978D.B.PawsheDr. P.E. KulkarniExperimental traumatic pericarditis in bovine (a clinical, clinicopathological study)
91978B.P.DandgeDr. P.E. KulkarniStudy on surgical techniques of oesophageal fistula in sheep
101979G. B. ChoudhariDr. P.E. KulkarniComparative Study of Different Doses Of Procaine HCL in Water And 10% Alcohal As Retrograde Anaesthetic In Cattle.
111979A.N.ZopeDr. P.E. KulkarniExperimental peritonitis in cattle A clinical and clinicopathological study
121980K.D.ChaudharyDr. P.E. KulkarniComparative evaluation of different chemical for castration of farm animal(a clinical , clinicopathological, histopathological study)
131981A.R.PatilDr. P.E. KulkarniProphylaxis foreign body syndrome with magnet feeding (a clinical clinicopathological roentographic study )
141982K.T. DeshmukhDr. P.E. KulkarniAn Experimental Haemorrhagic Shock In Buffalo Calves (Haemodynamic, Biochemical, Symptomatological & Therapeutic studies.)
151984V.A. PimparkarDr. P.E. KulkarniComparative evaluation of different concentration of centbucridine & Xylocaine in paravertebral and Retrobulbar nerve blocks in Cattle.
161984K.K.KonherDr. P.E. KulkarniAssessment Of effect of different concentration of xylocaine in, 15, 17.5 & 20 % ethyl alcohol on epidural anaesthetic in Cattle.
171984A. N. AglaveDr. P.E. KulkarniComparative evaluation of different concentration of centbucridine And Xylocaine in epidural and infraorbital nerve blocks in cattle.
181985B. M. GahlodDr. S.S. MarudwarClinical and Clinicopathological, Urodynamic Studies during experimental uretheral obstration in bovine.
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201987R.B.SaojiDr. P.E. KulkarniStudies on tenorrhaphy by different types of grafts- An experimental study.
211987V.D. HarneDr. P.E. KulkarniClinical, Haemotological & histological changes Of chemical castration in buffalo Calves.
221987V.P.NagneDr. P.E. KulkarniStudy on the treatment of ventral abdominal hernia in large animal
231988M.P. WaseDr. P.E. KulkarniComparative evaluation of two treatments for osteogenesis of long bones in calf an experimental study
241988A.U.UlemaleDr. P.E. KulkarniComparative evaluation of bone grafting ,electromagnetic stimulation and homeopathy treatment of osteogenesis in long bone fracture of cow (Experimental study)
251988M.R.WaniDr. P.E. KulkarniPlastic surgery of skin in dogs-Experimental study of various autogenous free skin grafts
261988S.D. UdasiDr. P.E. KulkarniComparative evaluation of wounds in cattle with different blendings of Urea (A Clinical and histopathological study)
271990M.G. ThoratDr. M.D. NarkhadeComparison of Autogenes and homogenous free full thickness skin grafting in canines.
281990G.D. PatilDr. M.D. NarkhadeStudies on survival of preserved bone grafts under the influence of homeopathic treatment in calves.
291990Mhod. MujeebuddinDr. M.D. NarkhadeStudies on survival of preserved bone grafts under the influence of magnetic therapy in calves.
301990A.N. RautDr. N.D. NarkhadeEvaluation of Autogenous full thickness and split thickness skin grafts in calves.
311992R.V. RaulkarDr. S.P. MehesareAllogenic bone graft as a biological alternative to autogafts.
321992S.A. ModeDr. B.P.DandgeNew surgical site approach in pericardial sac in bovine.
331993R.B. PacharneDr. S.P. MehesareAllogenous bone grafting and electromagnetic stimulation in healing of bone grafts in calves.
341993S.K.KhachaneB.P.DandageClinical,haematological & biochemical study in foreign body syndrome in bovine
351994S.J. BawaneDr. B.P.DandgeBiochemical changes in ruminal contents associated with non-penetrating foreign body syndrome in bovine.
361994V.B.DeshmukhDr. S.P. MehesareAssessment of osteosynthetic effect of allograft and magnetic stimulation in bovine.
371996S.S. PuriDr. D.B. PawsheComparative evaluation of biological dressing material (spleen and urinary bladder) and antibiotic powder (Neosporin) on wound healing )
381996A.K. GadakhDr. B.P. DandgeStudy of clinical and biochemical changes in ruminal content associated with heavy non-penetrating foreign bodies in bovines.
391998J.E. FernandesDr. B.P.DandgeStudies of autogenous oral And mammary skin grafts in the treatment of caprine teat fistula.
401999P.S.ChoudhariDr. S.P. MehesareStudies of allogenous oral And Vaginal mucosal graft in the treatment of caprine teat fistula.
412000G.P. ManjulkarDr. S.P. MehesareEffect of various immobilization techniques with special reference to injection placentex for healing of fracture in canine
422000N.N.ChoudhariDr. B.P.DandgeEffect of honey, neem leaves and turmeric powder on healing of wounds in goats.
432000D.D. NaraleDr. D.B. PawsheComparative study of xylazine and ketamine with or without atropine sulphate in goat
442001R.V. JadhaoDr. B.P.DandgeEvaluation of xylazine and pentazocine as neuroleptanalgesia in goats.
452002P.V. WawreDr. B.P.DandgeClinical, Haemotological & Biochemical study in relation to weight of non metallic foreign body recovered from the fore stomach in bovine
462003P.V.WarbheDr. S.P. MehesareComparative evaluation of different doses of lignocaine HCL with and without alcohol in Biers block in goats.
46A2003Ranjana ChauhanDr.D.B.PawsheEvaluation of Propofol as general anaesthetic in goat
472003P.N. NagpureDr.D.B.PawshePreanaesthetic dependent propofol anaesthetic in goat. A, Clinical, Haematological and Biochemical assessment
482003S.S.GumbleDr. S.P. MehesareEffect of Non-penetrating foreign body syndrome on rumen & liver function in bovine – A clinical Study.
492003R.R.RohiDr. B.P.DandgeClinical And Biochemical study in non- penetrating foreign body syndrome in bovine with special reference to different therapeutic measures
502004J.S. BhagatDr.D.B.PawsheComparative evaluation of diazepam and xylazine as pre anaesthetic to propofol anaesthesia in canine.
512004R.B. PatilDr. S.P. MehesareEffect of non-penetrating foreign body on Clinical, biochemical and rumen function with special reference to histopathology of ruminal mucosa.
522004K.M.KhanDr. S.P. MehesareComparative evaluation of midazolam, Acepromazine and Haloperidol as a preanesthetic to propofol anaesthesia in canine.
532005Farheen FaniDr. S.P. MehesareComparative Study of bupivaccaine, Xylazine and ketamine for induction of epidural analgesia in canine.
542005R.S.RaoDr. S.P. MehesareEffect of fentanyl- ketamine for lumbosacral epidural analgesia in dogs.
552005R.V. SuryawansheDr.D.B.PawsheA study on mammary tumour in canine with Special reference to cyclophosphamide chemotherapy.
562006A.V.NarkhedeDr. S.P. MehesareComparative Study onf halothane & isoflurane volatile inhalant anaesthesia in canine
572006V.R.HangeDr.D.B.PawsheStudies on clinical evaluation of Diazepam and Pentazocine as a pre anaesthetic prior to Ketamine anaesthesia.
582006Neha WakankarDr.D.B.PawsheA Study of extraction of lens and intraocular lens implants in dog.
592007G.P. DhageDr.D.B.PawsheComparative evaluation of bupivacaine, Xylazine and ketamine for induction of epidural nerve block in goats.
602007P.R.ZadeS.P.MehesareComparative evaluation of different doses of Midazolam as preanaesthetic with thiopentone sodium in canine.
612008R.U.RathodDr.D.B.PawsheComparative evaluation of different doses of Midazolam as a preanaesthetic with ketamine HCL in canines
622008S.D.ChepteDr.D.B.PawsheReversal effect of alpha-2 Agonist using antagonist in dogs
632008P.M.KhodweDr. S.P. MehesareClinical Study of evaluation of various preanaesthetic in canine
642009V.A.BorseDr. S.P. MehesareReversal effect of Yohimbine HCL on Xylazine + Ketamine HCL combination in goat
652009G.G.ChandoreDr. S.P. MehesareEvaluation of different Approaches of caesarean section in buffaloes.
662009R.G.ShreeraoDr. S.P. MehesareClinical ,Haemato-biochemical and rumen liquor profile study in non penetrating foreign body syndrome in a goats
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List of the Students awarded Ph. D. degree in Surgery and Radiology
S. N.DegreeYearName of StudentsName of GuideTitle of Research Topic
1Ph. D.1982K.S.MarwahDr.P.E.KulkarniPedicle gut transplantation Experimental iliocystoplasty in dog
2Ph. D.1984V.S.PanchabhaiDr.P.E.KulkarniBovine ocular surgery (A clinical & experimental study)
3Ph. D.1990S.P.MehesareDr.P.E.KulkarniComparative evaluation of different form of electromagnetic stimulation on osteogenesis in long bone fracture in calf
4Ph.D.1990S.N.PatilDr.P.E.KulkarniClinical, clinicopathological and histopathological study on different methods of castration of calf with special reference of plasma testesterone level
5Ph. D.1992B.P.DandgeDr. M.D. NarkhedeNon- penetrating foreign Body Syndrome in bovine
6Ph. D.1992P.C.ZamreDr.P.E.KulkarniStudies on clinical symptoms diagnosis and surgical treatment of Diaphragmatic hernia in bovine
7Ph. D.1993D.B.PawsheDr.S.S.MarudwarUrodynamics of bovine urolithiasis with reference to cystoplasty.
8Ph. D.1997M.G. ThoratDr. B.P.DandgeComparative Study of induced penetrating and non penetrating foreign body syndrome in bovine
9Ph. D.2000S.B. AkhareDr.D.B.PawshePreanaesthetic dependent ketamine anaesthesia in goat – A Clinical, Haematological and Biochemical Assessment.